Certification of the key performance indicators

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We hereby certify that the key performance indicators are based on proper records, are relevant and appropriate for assisting users to assess the Forest Products Commission’s performance, and fairly represent the performance of the Forest Products Commission for the financial year ended 30 June 2017.

Signature of Ross Holt Signature of Geoff Totterdell
Mr Ross Holt | Chairman
8 September 2017
Mr Geoffrey Totterdell | Commissioner and Chairman of Audit and Risk Committee
8 September 2017


Key Performance Indicators

The 2016–2017 financial year is the fifth reporting period where key performance indicators (KPIs) have focused on sustainability and forest regeneration.

This ensures we report on our contribution to the State Government goals, our responsibility in relation to the Forest Management Plan 2014–2023 and our financial and economic responsibilities.

Comparative figures are, where appropriate, adjusted to be comparable with the figures presented in the current financial year.

The table below highlights the alignment between State Government goals and the FPC’s services.  

Government Forest Products Commission
Goal Service
Social and environmental responsibility Provide healthy forests for future generations
Regional focus Facilitate a vibrant forestry industry to deliver social and economic benefits, particularly in regional Western Australia
Financial and economic responsibility Ensure efficient, effective and safe delivery of business outcomes