Performance management framework

Two people inspecting a logging operation

In order to evaluate our contribution to the State Government’s goals, the Annual Report links our performance to our Strategic Plan 2017-2021. Our achievements have been categorised according to the goals outlined in the plan.

State Government goals

State Government goal 1 introductory graphic


Social and environmental responsibility

Ensuring that economic activity is managed in a socially and environmentally responsible manner for the long-term benefit of the State.



State Government goal 2 introductory graphic


Regional focus

Greater focus on service delivery, infrastructure investment and economic development to improve the overall quality of life in remote and regional areas.



State Government goal 3 introductory graphic


Financial and economic responsibility

Responsibly managing the State’s finances through the efficient and effective delivery of services, encouraging economic activity and reducing regulatory burdens on the private sector.


Our strategic goal

Strategic goal 1 introductory graphic


Goal 1: Healthy forests

Provide healthy forests for future generations.



Strategic goal 2 introductory graphic


Goal 2: Vibrant forest industry

Facilitate a vibrant forestry industry to deliver social and economic benefits, particularly in regional Western Australia.



Strategic goal 3 introductory graphic


Goal 3: Business outcomes

Ensure efficient, effective and safe delivery of business outcomes.