Chairman's report

Portrait of Mr Ross Holt positioned in front a forest

It has been a productive year at the Forest Products Commission (FPC). We have continued to work with industry to drive investment and innovation.

This year the FPC delivered a number of projects such as the plans for the softwood and sandalwood sectors, and commencement of a strategic growth plan for forestry. These projects are all aimed at strengthening the sustainability and long-term future of the Western Australian forestry industry.

Work also began on the Branding and Marketing Western Australian Native Hardwood project. We understand the importance of the native hardwood industry, as it navigates its way beyond the significant transformation over the past decade, and understand the importance of increasing opportunities for product innovation.

As we move forward, we remain committed to engaging with the Western Australian community to increase the understanding of the benefits of the forestry industry.

I wish to thank my fellow commissioners for their support throughout the year and all FPC staff for their commitment and professionalism.

I welcome the incoming Minister for Forestry, the Hon. Dave Kelly MLA. We look forward to his leadership and guidance in the forestry industry.


Ross Holt's signature

Mr Ross Holt | Chairman
8 September 2017