Our agency

Person planting a cutting

We are responsible for the sustainable management and development of Western Australia’s forest products industry, using native forest, plantation and sandalwood products on land owned or leased by the State.

During 2016-2017, we reported to the former Minister for Forestry, the Hon. Mia Davies MLA, between July 2016 and March 2017, and to the Hon. Dave Kelly MLA between March and June 2017.

We are governed by the Forest Products Act 2000 (the Act) and sections of the Forest Management Regulations 1993.

The Act outlines the functions undertaken by the FPC, including:

  • performing commercial functions of growing, harvesting and selling forest products;
  • supporting industry development; and
  • advising the Minister on forestry.

In the performance of our functions, we are required to comply with other relevant legislation. A list of the other relevant legislation can be found under Other key legislation.

We are committed to helping the forestry industry provide direct employment to around 5,000 Western Australians working in timber related industries. These industries include forest management, harvesting, primary processing and manufacturing sectors.

Our vision

To build and maintain a sustainable and commercially viable forest products industry that provides economic and social benefits to the people of Western Australia.

Aerial view of a nursery producing trees for plantations

Our mission

To contribute to Western Australia’s economic and regional development through:

  • sustainable harvesting and regeneration of the State’s forest resources;
  • promoting innovation in forest management and local value adding of timber resources; and
  • generating positive returns to the State.


Timber worker measuring the circumference of a tree

Our values

We operate responsibly, ethically and sustainably. Our products and services provide renewable resources.

We are committed to achieving results and delivering excellent service to our customers, partners, the community and each other.

We commit to providing a safe workplace for our staff and contractors, and put the well-being and professional development of our people at the forefront of our business.


Conducting a classroom learning activity around forestry

Our role

We are a team of forestry professionals engaged in the industry from the seed to the end product. We work with community, industry and government to create a vibrant forestry industry.

We will foster an environment of innovation, ensuring that our forests are a strategic and sustainable resource for the future.