General Manager’s report

Portrait of Mr Stuart West standing in front of a lush forest

This has been a year of significant achievements for the FPC and a key development has been the return to profitability of our native forest business.

We have developed and delivered strategies which have paved the way for sustainable forest management over the coming years.

Our native forest business recorded a $2.1 million profit, which contributed to our overall turnover of $113 million. I am pleased to see all business units contributed to our $10.4 million profit this year.

It is a great achievement and most significantly, the majority of it has been invested back into the community, particularly in regional areas.

Forestry continues to be an important driver of jobs and we have played a valuable role in supporting the industry.

We have done this through our ongoing investment to increase the softwood estate, a $94 million spend in regional Western Australia supporting employment and services, and our commitment to sandalwood and native forest regeneration.

I recognise and thank our dedicated staff who have embraced the changes and challenges associated with implementing continued improvements as we strive to deliver beyond our annual targets.


Signature of Mr Stuart West

Mr Stuart West | General Manager
8 September 2017